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      Waterproof knowledge

      Over the years, serving more than 1000 customers
      Have excellent professional talents and advanced construction technology
      Quality first, customer first, reputation first
      The deepening of cooperation with the vast number of users to expand the field of cooperation
      Guangdong to become the best waterproof engineering team

      Company certificate
      • Certificate of honor
      • Qualification certificate
      • Licence
      • Certificate of honor
      • Excellent certificate
      • Registration certificate

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      Contact Us

      Contact: manager Jiang
      Telephone: 86-755-27780629
      Mobile: 13302483273 13923439505
      Meizhou office: 13824562059
      Address: Guangdong, Shenzhen, China, all the way to the top of the building 1702, Lida building, room
      E-mail:admin@szfsbl.com  szbajhl@163.com

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